How Do You Use a Line Plot Maker?


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To use a line plot maker, input data in the software of choice online for conversion into a customized line plot. Using the questions posed by the software, the data set is easily compared, analyzed and published.

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  1. Choose a line plot maker

    There are different line plot makers available. Plan how to display the data set, making sure data is easily read and understood. Compare the features of each line plot maker to determine which one yields the desired result. Select the right line plot maker for the project at hand.

  2. Input the data

    Insert data in a line plot maker for display along two axes, vertically on the y-axis and horizontally along the x-axis. Specify the distinct categories of data to display along the x-axis. Set the measuring units and measuring increments represented along the y-axis. Make sure the data is readable and easily understood by all users.

  3. Customize the line plot

    Devise question that users answer to populate data on the line plot. Analyze the data for flaws or errors in the data collection. Record the data gathered from user input, such as survey data collection, along with relevant comments that may explain outliers. Determine the level of access to the data and the format of the results, such as a link in an e-mail or printed handouts.

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