How Do You Use the Jobst Stocking Size Chart?

How Do You Use the Jobst Stocking Size Chart?

To use the Jobst size chart for medical compression stockings, base the size you select on the measurements provided by the chart. A size chart is available on, as of 2015.

To view the size chart, visit, and click Wear & Care. On the Wear & Care page, click Measuring on the side menu under the Wear & Care heading.

The chart bases sizes on the circumference of the legs, but necessary measurements vary based on the type of stocking. Sizes for stockings that reach the knee have ankle and calf measurements. Sizes for stockings that reach the thigh have ankle, calf and thigh measurements. Waist, maternity and chaps stockings use ankle, calf, thigh and hip measurements. Measure early in the day so leg swelling doesn't affect the measurements.

Sizes include small, medium, large and extra-large. Other options include large full calf, extra-large full calf and large-tall, which is for people with shoe sizes larger than 12. The size chart provides measurements in centimeters, and sizes are the same for men and women.

Compression clothes, including stockings, tend to squeeze the wearer at first. One method to get used to this is wearing the stocking for a few hours and gradually increasing the time every day.

The site also has a Where to Buy link with a dealer locator tool. Dealers assist with measurements and sizing information.