How do you use an acreage calculator?


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To use an acreage calculator, just input the area length and area width of the land that you want to calculate. Then, click on the calculate button and based on the inserted values, you receive answers in the form of acreage, square feet, square yards or square inches. To do another calculation, clear the area length and width fields and input the new values, and then click on the calculate button.

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You can use either the offline or the online version of the acreage calculator since they both use the same mathematical formula for computing acreage. You calculate acreage by multiplying the area length and the width. To use the calculator, however, you need to know the length and width values of the parcel of land. If you do not know the precise dimensions of the property but are aware of the square footage, you can put that square footage value in the width field. In the length field, you should type the number one and click the calculate button to get the acreage result. Determining the length and width of a regular piece of land is relatively easy. However, if the area is irregular, it may be more difficult to determine. In such a case, you can figure out the dimensions, as well as acreage, using online map tools.

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