What Are Some Typical Fourth Grade Math Problems?


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Typical math problems for fourth graders include problems that challenge students’ knowledge in data management and probability, number concepts, patterns and algebra, and geometry and measurement. For example, a data management and probability problem for fourth-graders might note that a boy has four shirts in four different colors and three pairs of pants in three different colors. To solve the problem, the student must determine how many color combinations are possible using the seven items.

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A geometry and measurement problem for fourth graders might ask the student to determine how much sod to purchase for a field that is 16 feet long and 44 feet wide. The problem may ask for the cost of the sod if it sells for $5 per 10 feet.

In addition to these types of problems, fourth graders should learn concepts related to number sense, including converting between place values, rounding, finding inequalities on a number line and comparing numbers. Students in the fourth grade should also learn how to write, solve and evaluate variable expressions, and add, subtract and multiply fractions and decimals.

Other fourth grade math concepts include mixed operations, identifying and classifying geometric shapes, calculating probability, and interpreting charts to find the mode, range, median and mean. Measuring in customary and metric units are additional math concepts for fourth graders to master.

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