What Type of Games Does Cool Math Offer?


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CoolMath.com features math games that build addition, subtraction, multiplication and division skills. Both integers and fractions are represented. Some games involve practical applications, such as budget management and construction material allocation. Others are simply tests to see how quickly users can multiply to a certain number or complete numerical problems.

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Access the complete list of CoolMath.com games from the More button below the Math Games section of the site's home page. Adobe Flash Player is required for many of the games to work.

Coffee shop is a game that requires managing a budget, recipe and pricing model to run a successful coffee shop. Number Balls is a game that requires ordering numbers from the least value to the greatest value, while Freed Fribbit Addition requires rapid adding. Number twins requires pairing numbers so they add up to 10. Fractone is a fraction game that involves combining fractions until they add up to a value of 1.

Other games include Make 15 and Math Lines: Xfactor. Make 15 pits a user against the computer in a race to combine numbers and reach 15 first, while Math Lines: Xfactor requires combining numbers that multiply together to reach 12. The site also features numeric crossword puzzles and number squaring games.

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