What Are Some Tricky Math Questions?

Probably the most common math trick question are the "guess the number" tricks. It is broken down into five steps. Here is an example: First is to let anyone guess a number below ten, multiply it by two, add six and then divided by two. The final step is subtract the initial number you have thought to the result in the previous step and the answer will always be three.

There many kinds of tricky math questions and one company CEO have commonly used these types of problems to gauge job applicants' thought processes. Jeff Zwelling of Convertro, a company that specializes in measuring and advertising success of other firms, likes to mess around with this type of question: If a hammer and a nail cost $1.10 and the hammer is priced one dollar more than the nail, how much is the nail? The answer would be five cents, which is simple, but tricky in its own way.

Many people does not see the logic behind why students have to learn math and came to loath the very thought of the subject growing up. However, mathematics is an essential part of our daily lives. It is a measure of one's creativity, patience, and will give you an idea how well an individual reacts to pressure. These traits are invaluable in life.