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In geometry, the triangle is a polygon that has three sides. There can be different types of triangles, but the sum of the three angles in this polygon is equal to 180 degrees. In the context of religion, alchemy and occultism, the triangle has a variety of meanings, including deity, male energy and fire.

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The triangle is a geometrical shape that can have three equal sides and, which is called a equilateral triangle. There also are right, obtuse, scalene, isosceles and acute triangles. While a right triangle has one 90-degree angle, a scalene triangle does not have any sides that are equal.

The triangle symbolizes the number three, which is a sacred number. For example, in masonry, different types of triangles, such as the right and equilateral triangles, represents other things, such as universal nature, respectively. In Christianity, the triangle symbolizes the Trinity or Father, Son and Holy Ghost. Similarly, in occult practices, the upright triangles represents male energy and fire, while the upside triangle stands for female energy and water.

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