What Do Touch Math Charts Look Like?


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For each represented digit on a Touch Math number chart, a small number of "touch points," or small dots whose quantity is equal to the numerical value of a given digit, are added. Touch Math charts may include arithmetical concepts such as addition, subtraction and multiplication or may simply be designed to help children learn to count to 10. The charts generally are not extremely graphically detailed or complex, as they are aimed at young children.

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Touch Math is a multisensory learning and information absorption method designed to strengthen the math skills of students who may struggle with traditional teaching methods. The system uses a variety of methods such as counting by assigning numbers to fingers and incrementally skipping arbitrarily chosen numbers between spoken or written values.

TouchMath.com provides a large collection of free sample Touch Math worksheets aimed at a range of lower grade levels from pre-kindergarten to second grade, in addition to a collection of sheets for upper-grade students that include topics such as time and money, pre-algebra and mixed operations with whole numbers. The website also compiles a huge collection of worksheets, puzzles, calendars and other practice aids that incorporate the concepts of Touch Math and depict numbers with touch points.

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