What Are Some Tips for Teaching Division?


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Tips for teaching division include teaching through hands-on activities, as younger students generally have better success after seeing the concept done through using physical objects. It's best to teach division after the student has learned basic multiplication.

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Most young students are introduced to division with a term called sharing. By making a division lesson a game, it keeps the student engaged and interested through any difficulties he may have. The teacher can present the students with small items and a set of glasses. Keeping an equation in mind, the teacher instructs the student to divide the correct number of items into the glasses. The teacher can explain equations orally before writing them down to give the student a better understanding of how division operates and looks.

Students should already have a familiarity with the concept of multiplication in order to better learn division. Multiplication is an important step in learning division, as division is generally the more difficult of the two concepts. When a teacher starts with a multiplication equation, he can work backwards, reverse the equation and introduce the division. This is a helpful method to show the student the similarities between the two and it also shows the student how much he already knows.

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