What Are Some Tips for Remembering Business Math Formulas?


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Some tips for remembering business math formulas include understanding the formula and how to derive it, as well as practicing using the formula without looking it up. Students can improve their ability to remember formulas by relaxing their minds.

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Many students find it easier to remember math formulas when they understand their structure. If you can't remember which quantity is on the top of a fraction and which is on the bottom, consider what effect increasing each quantity has on the result. For example, one business formula is ROE = NI/TE, where ROE means Return on Equity, NI means Net Income, and TE means total equity. Increasing NI causes ROE to increase, which makes sense. If you misremember the formula as ROE = NI/TE, it's easy to see that this formula is wrong, as it says that increasing NI would cause ROE to decrease.

Get into the habit of trying to remember a formula, rather than immediately reaching for a reference book, when working on business math homework. Repeatedly recalling a formula is a good way to keep it in your memory.

It is difficult to remember formulas when stressed, hungry or thirsty. Take regular breaks from studying to eat, drink and relax.

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