What Are Some Tips to Help Kids Solve Fractions?


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One of the most valuable tips to help kids solve fractions is to present fractions using real-life objects; for example, a pizza cut into eight slices can be used to illustrate how fractions work, since kids may have an easier time understanding that one slice out of eight is equivalent to the fraction 1/8. By presenting fractions as "pieces" instead of abstract numbers, kids can gain a better grasp of how a fraction relates to a whole number.

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Introducing fractions using real objects can also help kids learn how to solve complex questions, For example, if there are 10 apples total, and one person has three and the other has five, it's simple to figure out that together he has eight apples. Expressed as a fraction, this is 3/10 + 5/10 = 8/10, and it teaches kids that adding fractions with the same denominators (in this case, all 10 apples) simply requires adding the numerators.

For more complicated math, such as questions where the denominator is different, using real objects can also help. If one pizza is cut into six slices and another is cut into eight slices, kids can have an easier time learning that 3/6 is equivalent to 4/8, and this can be a starting point for learning how to reduce fractions and find a common denominator.

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