What Are Some Tips on Evaluating Indefinite Integrals?


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An indefinite integral is an integral with no limits. Evaluating indefinite integrals can turn out to be very easy if you just stick to a few basics.

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Let’s begin with the definition of indefinite integral. It is a function that describes area under the curve from an undefined point to any other point. When it comes to evaluating indefinite integrals, here are a few tips and tricks.

Symbol ? is represents summation. Integral of any function is not unique. The most important thing to remember is that integration is the reverse of differentiation. If you have already studied differentiation, there is no issue in studying integration.

Here are some of the basic formulas for indefinite integrals. Whenever you have to evaluate the integration of any of these functions, you can simply replace them with the given solution: ? ex dx = ex. Next, ? eax dx = 1/a eax. A third example is: ? eax cos bx dx = (eax/a2+b2)(a cosbx + b sin bx). Also, ? eax sinbx dx = (eax/a2+b2) (a sin bx – b cos bx). The last example is: ? ax dx = ax / lna + c. These are the most basic exponential formulas that you can use while evaluating indefinite integrals.

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