How Do You Teach Fractions?


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Different methods of teaching fractions can be used by finding mediums that appeal to the many different learning styles adopted by different individuals. When the best possible medium has been identified to teach a person, then it is simpler to introduce and explain a variety of concepts.

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Bright colored pictures are important when teaching people who have a visual style of learning. Visual learners can best retain and recall information that they see. The ideal mediums of teaching such people would be vivid posters, flash cards, charts and activity books.

Food would be a suitable medium for a kinaesthetic learner, as this type of learner best retains information that is demonstrated. Some of the ways they can familiarise themselves with the concept of fractions is by cutting up cake, sandwiches or pizza, and then rearranging the pieces. Animated computer programmes or DVDs can also prove beneficial not only to the kinaesthetic learner, but for auditory learners as well.

Because auditory learners have a better understanding of the things they hear, carefully worded lectures or recordings of text books would be most effective. Group discussions are also advisable as these types of learners value personal interaction as a medium of learning. Whatever method is used must always have a solid foundation and structure to avoid confusion or misunderstanding on the part of the learner.

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