How Do You Teach Division?


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Teaching division to young children is best done through hands-on activities. Young students typically have the most success after seeing the concept in action through the use of physical objects and after learning basic multiplication.

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"Sharing" is a term that is commonly used to introduce division for the first time, because it is a term that most young students are familiar with. Making this lesson a game keeps students interested through the difficulties. Present the students with a some small objects and a set of glasses. With the equation in mind, instruct them to divide the correct number of objects into the glasses. Explaining the equations orally before writing them down gives the student a basic understanding of the way division looks and operates.

To learn division easily, it is important that the students are already familiar with the concept of multiplication. Multiplication is a vital stepping stone when it comes to learning division, which is known to be the trickier of the two concepts. Starting from a multiplication equation, instructors can work backwards to reverse the equation and pull out the division. This method can be helpful to show students the similarities between the concepts and how much they already know.

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