How Do You Teach 3D Geometric Shapes to Kids?


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Instructors teach 3D shapes using books with colorful pictures or by demonstrating with real objects. Others use foldable nets, videos or games and integrate terminology regarding the shapes in general conversations with the kids. Using repetition and chants serves as a powerful way of teaching 3D shapes to kids.

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How Do You Teach 3D Geometric Shapes to Kids?
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Train the kids to chant names of common 3D shapes such as cones, spheres, cubes and cylinders repetitively. In between the chants, give examples of familiar objects that look like the shapes. For instance, have them repeat the word "cube," and then note that a cube looks like a box. Include additional information such as number of vertices and faces to the chants.

Show children pictures of differently colored 3D geometric shapes. Many videos can help children recognize 3D geometric shapes through interactive step-by-step processes. Alternatively, engage the children in games that enhance mastery of 3D shapes and add fun to the training.

Using physical illustrations along with the chants helps kids remember 3D shapes better. These may be folded nets or common objects that resemble geometric shapes. Flip the objects from side to side as you illustrate the faces and vertices to the kids. Gather related poems, and recite them as you display the objects.

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