What Is Taught in 10th Grade Geometry?


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Geometry taught in the 10th grade typically covers Euclidean plane geometry through the parallel postulate concept. Students learn about congruence, similarity and symmetry.

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What Is Taught in 10th Grade Geometry?
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Students learn how to answer problems through writing proofs. Some courses may cover the laws of sines and cosines and the Pythagorean theorem in understanding angles. Students may also study coordinate geometry.

Additional points covered in a high school geometry curriculum may include converting between radian and degree measures, finding the area and perimeter of polygons and circles or sectors of a circle, calculating the length of an arc of a circle, creating a bisector of a given angle and the perpendicular bisector of a given segment. Students may learn about the medians, altitudes, angle bisectors and perpendicular bisectors of triangles. In studying circles, students learn about chords, tangents, arcs, rays of angles and intersections of a circle. Students covering solid geometry may study how to calculate the volume and surface area of rectangular solids and cylinders and learn about the lateral edges of a prism. For geometry classes delving into trigonometry, students may learn to find the sine, cosine and tangent ratios of an angle of a right triangle and to determine other characteristics of a triangle.

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