What Is a Stem and Leaves Graph?


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A stem and leaves graph, also known as a stem and leaf plot, is a special table used in mathematics. Within a stem and leaves graph, each data value is split into a stem, which is the first digit or digits, and a leaf, which is usually the last digit.

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In a stem and leaves graph, the stem values are listed vertically from top to bottom, while the coordinating leaf values are listed horizontally from left to right. For example, the number 25 is broken down as follows: the stem value is 2 and the leaf value is 5. Given the list of numbers {23,25,26,29}, all have the same stem value of 2, but each has its own leaf value of 3, 5, 6 and 9, respectively. Stem and leaves graphs are useful to represent large sets of data in a clean and concise manner.

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