What Is the Standard Form of 8 Million 12 Hundred Thousand 110 Thousand 9 Thousand?

The standard form is 9,319,000. The individual numbers written in expanded form are 8,000,000 + 1,200,000 + 110,000 + 9,000, and the solution is obtained by adding all the digits that fall in the same place values.

Eight and one are in the millions place. Two and one go in the hundred thousands. One is in the ten thousands, nine is in the thousands, and zeros go in the hundreds, tens and ones places. Add the two numbers in the millions and then the two numbers in the hundred thousands. The eight and the one in the millions place equal nine, and the two and the one in the hundred thousands place equal three. The numbers in the other places stay the same because there is only one number in each of the places.