What Is a Square Root Solver?


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A square root solver or calculator is a tool that helps one compute the square root of any number. There is a square root solver at Math.com as of 2014, and there is also a square root solver on most calculators. To use a square root calculator, one simply needs to enter a number and hit the square root sign (?). Then, the answer is generated.

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What Is a Square Root Solver?
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A square root is a number that, when multiplied by itself, equals the square. If one is trying to figure out the square root of a number, he should imagine that the number represents the area of a geometric square. The square root of that number is the value of the sides of the square.

For example, the square root of 16 is four. If a square has an area of 16 square inches, the sides of that square are 4 inches long. To present this problem mathematically, one writes ?16 = 4.

If there is no square root solver available, one can estimate the square root of a number by picking the two closest whole-number square roots to the original number. For instance, if you are trying to find the square root of 10, start with three and four. Three is the square root of nine, while four is the square root of 16. Then, divide 10 by three. The answer is 3.33. Then, find the average of 3 and 3.33, which is 3.17. Then, divide that number into the original number, 10. The answer is 3.15. Next, find the average of that number and 3.17, and divide that number into 10. Through this process of averaging and dividing, you should finally get the square root of 10, which is 3.16.

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