What Is the Square Root of 67?


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The square root of 67 is exactly 8.18535277187245 based on calculator computations. This is typically rounded off to 8.19 for simplicity in using the value in any given math equation.

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It is possible to find the square root of a number without a calculator. First, find the value of the two square roots that the number is lying between. Second, divide the number by one of those square roots (preferably the smaller of the two). Third, average the result of the division and the denominator. Finally, keep repeating this method until the answer is more accurate (square the results to see if it's close to the answer). Example: the square root of 67 lies between the numbers 8 and 13. Divide 67 by 8 and round (8.375). Average 8.375 and 8: (8.375+8)/2 =8.1875. Repeat Part 2: (67/8.1875) = 8.18320611^2 = 69.96

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