How Do You Solve a Power Reduction Formula?


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To solve a power-reduction formula, express it in a simplified way without exponents. For example, solve "sine to the 4th power times x" by squaring "sine squared times x." From there, further simplify by multiplying "1 minus the cosine of 2x divided by 2."

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How Do You Solve a Power Reduction Formula?
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Power-reduction formulas eliminate exponents in trigonometry calculations. Eliminating exponents makes the process of solving for angular measures easier.

Trigonometry is a type of math that studies angles and lengths of triangles. It is used extensively in astronomy, biology, acoustics, surveying and engineering. The field was first studied in the third century B.C., as it applied to astronomy. Astronomers at that time determined that relationships between lengths and angles of right triangles are fixed and can be used to determine all other lengths and angles of the triangle.

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