How Do You Solve Improper Fractions?


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Solve an improper fraction by converting it into a mixed number, consisting of an integer and a smaller fraction with the same denominator, or bottom term. Dividing the numerator (the top term) by the denominator and finding the remainder resolves the fraction.

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  1. Calculate how many times the denominator goes into the numerator

    Consider the improper fraction 23/7. Multiply 7 by successive integers until you find the multiple that provides the closest answer without going over. Write down the number of that multiple; in this case, the answer is 3, as 7 x 3 = 21, but 7 x 4 = 28, which is more than 23.

  2. Find the product of the multiple and the denominator

    Multiply the multiple (in this case, 3) by the denominator (in this case, 7). Subtract the product (21) from the original numerator (23) to yield the answer, 2.

  3. Write the corrected mixed numeral

    Write the multiple (3), and write a fraction next to it. Use the difference between the product of the multiple and the denominator (21) and the original numerator (23) as the numerator of this fraction, and use the original denominator as the denominator for this fraction. Write the final solution as 3 2/7.

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