How Do You Find Solutions to Math Problems for Free?

Students are able to view solutions to math problems for free at This site gives students the ability to solve basic math, pre-algebra, algebra and geometry math problems. It provides only the answer for free, in order to see the steps and explanations students must upgrade their accounts and pay a fee.

Mathway also gives solutions for trigonometry, precalculus, calculus, statistics, finite math, linear algebra and chemistry problems. Students just need to type their problems in the question textbox, and then click the blue Answer button to receive the answer. In the free version, the steps for how to figure out the solution are blurred out. Other free sites include Web-Math and Basic-Mathematics. The Basic-mathematics site has a similar approach as Mathway. Web-Math lets users practice working with fractions and provides visualizations about what fractions mean using detailed pie charts. There are other math problem guides on the site as well, such as giving students the ability to convert different units, such as inches to feet, miles, kilometers and centimeters. Web Math has solutions for K-8 math, algebra, plots and geometry, trigonometry and calculus. The site also has an interesting function allowing users to find the odds for winning the lottery.