How Do You Find Solutions for the Math Problems in Algebra With Pizzazz?

Solutions for the math problems in Algebra With Pizzazz can be found at the Algebra website, where the problems are worked out in detail by volunteer tutors. Many academic establishments, such as Warren County Career Center, host scanned PDF documents of the Algebra With Pizzazz answer key.

Algebra With Pizzazz is part of a three-book series by Steve Marcy, released under the Marcy Mathworks publication umbrella. The series also includes Middle School Math With Pizzazz and Pre-Algebra With Pizzazz. Each book contains puzzles and riddles to help supplement and reinforce a pre-established math curriculum.

According to Amazon reviews, those who purchase Algebra With Pizzazz are generally happy with the product. An algebra teacher of eight years raves about the book in her review, stating that the puzzles help to reinforce the lessons taught in class, and that some of the activities are suitable for use as easy, grade boosting quizzes. Another reviewer expressed that Algebra With Pizzazz was an effective way to reinforce lesson concepts, but gave it a lower rating because the riddles and puzzles were, "cheesy."

Marcy Mathworks publications produces additional supplementary math materials, such as Mathimagination, Punchline Problem Solving and Punchline Bridge to Algebra. The authors, Steve and Janis Marcy, boast years of mathematics teaching experience and expertise.