What Is the Solution to X2+y2= 25?


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There is no true solution to x2+y2= 25, but it can be converted to slope intercept form by solving for y. To solve for y, x2 should be subtracted on the right side making the equation y2 = -x2 + 25. It can then be divided by 2, making it y = -x +25.

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The equation x2+y2 = 25 is a non-linear equation. The true definition of the letters cannot be solved without more information regarding the letters, but they can be graphed. When it is converted to the slope intercept form, it can be deducted that 25 is the point that the line goes through the y axis, or the y intercept. The slope of the line is the number that is next to x. In this case, the number that is next to x is -1/1. The line can be graphed starting at the y intercept and will move down one and over to the left one for the rest of the line. The -1 number is the slope of the line and will remain that way throughout the entire graph no matter how far it deviates from the originating y axis point that is known as 25.

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