How Do You Find the Slope of Y3?


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To find the slope of Y3, the problem would have to be converted to slope intercept form in the way of y = mx + b. The three would be separated from the y, and the problem would become y = 1/3x + 1/3. The slope of this line would be 1/3.

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The slope determines the direction and the rate at which a line changes as it gets further away from a point on the graph. The point at which the line will cross the y axis in this example is 1/3. A point should be plotted at 1/3 and it should be counted one up and three over to determine the slope and the rest of the points that are present on the graph. The slope that is found in the equation next to the letter x is the change in y over the change in x. The change in y is the number of times the next point will be counted up, while the change in x is the number of times the next slope will be counted over. If the slope of a line is positive, it will be counted up and to the right. If the slope of a line is negative, it will be counted down and to the left.

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