What Is the Simplest Radical Form of the Square Root of 24?

simplest-radical-form-square-root-24 Credit: takomabibelot/CC-BY 2.0

The simplest radical form of the square root of 24 is 2?6. It is the simplest radical form because it has no remaining square roots to simplify further.

The steps for simplifying ?24 are as follows: ?24 = ?4 * ?6 = 2?6. Six has no perfect square divisors, so this is as far as the square root of 24 can be simplified. The simplest radical form cannot have any square roots in the denominator of a fraction. For example, (1/?2) is not in simplest radical form. To simplify this fraction, use this process: (1/?2) = (1/?2) * (?2/?2) = (?2/2).