What Are Some Simple Ways to Learn Fractions?


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One simple way to learn fractions is to visualize the different parts of common items, such as coffee pots or pizzas. This makes the idea behind the fractions more concrete and helps to highlight the practical applications of learning fractions. For example, it helps display an exact amount of something that is less than one and greater than zero. Remember that fractions themselves are not equations that must be solved. Instead, they are only another way of representing numbers.

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Begin by imagining a pizza that is split into eight different pieces. If you take one of those slices, you have one eighth of the pizza. This can be represented fractionally with the number one on top of the number eight, with a horizontal line bisecting them. The bottom number remains constant because it represents the entirety of the pizza, but the top number may change. For instance, if you take a second slice, you have two eighths of the pizza.

Another example is to imagine a pot of coffee that can hold four cups of coffee. When the pot is completely full, the fraction would be four fourths, which simplifies to one. This shows that all of the coffee is present. As cups are consumed, however, fractional amounts remain. After one cup is poured, the coffee pot is three quarters full. After a second cup is poured, the pot is two quarters full.

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