What Is a Shape With Six Corners?

A shape with six corners, more often called angles, is a hexagon. It also has six sides. A hexagon is a type of polygon.

When a hexagon has six equal sides and angles, it is called a regular hexagon. When the sides and angles are not equal, it is called an irregular hexagon. Irregular hexagons can even be concave, meaning some of the angles point inward instead of outward.

In a regular hexagon, each of the inside angles measures 120 degrees. All the inside angles add up to 720 degrees, which is true even of an irregular hexagon. The formula to find the sum of the interior angles of any polygon is the number of sides minus two, then multiplied by 180 degrees. Because a hexagon has six sides, the formula says to multiply four times 180 degrees to equal 720 degrees.

A polygon is a figure where the sides meet together to form an enclosed, flat shape. It can have any number of sides. In fact, the name for a polygon with 20 sides is an icosagon, while one with 80 sides is an octacontagon. A name even exists for a polygon with 10,000 sides, which is a myriagon.

Some shapes that have six corners are not hexagons. For instance, if the sides are curved, it is not a hexagon.