What Are Some Seventh-Grade Algebra Problems?


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Seventh grade algebra problems can be found on several websites. Distributing and simplifying expressions are a couple of the algebra skills that are covered on Free Math Help and Insight Learning Technology. Examples of such problems are: distribute the following: c(b + d), and simplify the following: 14y - 24 = 38.

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Math-Aids.com lists several practice problems that will help seventh graders learn how to solve an algebraic expression through the process of substitution. Substitution involves allowing a letter, called a variable, to symbolize a certain number. An equation is given using the variable and the problem is solved by substituting the number value of the variable. For example, y = 9x + 3 is given as the problem with the note that x = 7. The problem would then be solved by replacing the x with the number 7, so the substitution would be y = 9(7) + 3 and the answer would be y = 66, because, in algebra, one number next to another number in parentheses means that the two numbers should be multiplied.

The IXL Learning website lists a wide variety of math problems that will be encountered in seventh grade. Categories include many algebra skills, such as the Pythagorean Theorem and different ways to solve variable equations and inequalities.

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