How Do You Set up a Mobile Hotspot With Your AT&T Phone?


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Any 4G or hotspot enabled AT&T phone can launch a mobile hotspot by following the instructions for the device being used on the AT&T website. The method of setting up the hotspot is different for each device, but each result in available Wi-Fi.

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For example, setting up a hotspot on an Apple iPhone or other 4G iOS device is a simple three-step process. From the home screen, select Settings. In the settings menu, tap the item labeled Cellular. In the new panel, select Personal Hotspot. This launches the Wi-Fi hotspot and provides a password for devices to tether to the hotspot.

Hotspots for android devices are set up similarly. From the home screen, choose Settings. In this panel, choose More Networks, and navigate to Tethering and Wi-Fi Hotspot. This enables the hotspot and provides instructions for connecting with it.

If the device you need to launch a hotspot with does not have the necessary options, visit the AT&T Device How To webpage for more information. Follow the prompts, and enter your device name, brand and model. In the search bar, type the words "hotspot, mobile hotspot, tethering or personal hotspot" as manufacturers may use any of these terms when referring to the hotspot launch procedure.

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