What's a Good Way to Review Basic Algebra?

What's a Good Way to Review Basic Algebra?

Assessment tests, online lessons, practice problems and math games are good ways to review basic algebra concepts. These tools are freely accessible through a variety of online resources, including Khan Academy, CoolMath.com, IXL Learning, Test Prep Review and Math Playground. The most effective review technique depends on the student's learning style and present understanding of the topic.

An assessment test is a good way to measure a student's overall comprehension and to pinpoint trouble areas. Test Prep Review offers a 20-question pencil-and-paper practice test for Algebra I, along with an answer key and detailed explanations.

Online lessons and practice problems are good ways to review specific algebra concepts. Khan Academy offers video lessons on dozens of topics, such as algebraic expressions, systems of equations and quadratics. Interactive practice quizzes follow lessons, and these let students progress depending on their levels of mastery.

CoolMath.com has illustrated tutorials on more than two dozen algebra concepts, including exponents, matrices and inverse functions. Most lessons include short exercises for hands-on review. Users can generate an unlimited number of problems for extra practice.

IXL Learning provides students an extensive collection of Algebra I practice tests on concepts such as order of operations, circle graphs and number sequences. Online math games offer a fun way to review basic algebra concepts, and students can visit Math Playground for games based on functions, coordinates and linear equations.