How Do You Run Programs on a TI-89 Calculator?

How Do You Run Programs on a TI-89 Calculator?

To run a program on the TI-89 calculator, turn the calculator on, and press the Home button. Access the list of programs by pressing the Subtraction button. Select and run the program from the list of programs.

  1. Access the list of programs

    Turn on the TI-89 calculator by pressing the On button. Click the Home button. You must be on the home screen to access the list of programs. Press the Subtraction button to view the Var-Link menu, which is the list of programs.

  2. Select the program

    Use the arrow keys to choose the program you want to run on the calculator. You may need to install a program if you don't already have the right one on your TI-89. Once you've found the program, highlight the program. Then press Enter. The program is copied on the Home screen.

  3. Run the program

    Complete the process of running the program. To do this, add a closing parenthesis to the copied name of the program on the Home screen. The open parenthesis is automatically copied onto the Home screen, so you do not have to add it. Press the Enter button to complete the process. Your program now runs on the TI-89 calculator.