What Is Reflex Math Fact Fluency?


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Reflex is an online program available for purchase that helps students sharpen their mathematical memory skills. Math fact fluency is the ability to quickly recall basic mathematical facts.

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The Reflex math fact fluency program receives positive reviews from consumer websites and from teachers, due to its ability to adapt to a student's level of skill and keep the process challenging but not overwhelming. The program offers games to teach mathematical skills that allow a child to pick up knowledge as he plays, as well as more in-depth tutorials regarding the concepts involved.

According to one teacher's review, the program is a very good replacement for flash card exercises. However, the Reflex math fact fluency program can be expensive for districts that don't have the funding for the licenses and devices needed to teach whole classes. Overall, the program is well-designed to keep up with the needs of an individual student, to teach concepts that haven't yet been fully mastered and to move forward from concepts that have been learned in order to prevent boredom. The games are designed to be played quickly, so the students can focus on facts they struggle with until they display proper fluency in the subject.

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