What Are Some Real-Life Uses of Math?


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Math is used when cooking and baking to calculate measurements required for recipes. It is also used for banking transactions, to balance a checkbook, when calculating loan payments, to manage investments and manage a budget. Math is also used when shopping to calculate totals and tax rates as well as determining sale prices and calculating a tip at a restaurant.

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In every day life, math is used to calculate gas mileage for vehicles, planning for retirement, saving for a vacation, checking a bill for accuracy and determining travel times when planning road trips. Math is used when planning parties to determine how much food and supplies are needed and counting calories and nutrients when on a diet.

Another example of when math is used in real-life is when area is calculated. This can include planning a garden, home improvement projects such as painting walls or calculating square footage for selling a home.

Some careers that use math include engineers, video game programmers, accountants, cashiers and contractors. Artists and animators use math for their creations, as well. Business owners use a lot of math for running a business, including doing taxes, completing transactions, budgeting and marketing, estimating supply and demand based on data trends, and projecting sales figures.

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