How Do You Find the Ratio?

How Do You Find the Ratio?

To find a ratio, simply count all the items of each category and compare the numbers to one another. Frequently, you have to find a ratio expressed in all notations, and simplify it as well.

  1. Count the items

    If finding the ratio of men to women, first count up how many men there are, then how many women there are. Always keep track of the order of items, as it should not change. For example, if there are three men and six women, the ratio of men to women is "three to six." This is called expressing the ratio "in words."

  2. Find the ratio in other notations

    Frequently, it is expected that the ratio is given in more than one way. To give the ratio as odds, give both numerals with a colon separating them From the previous example, the odds notation would be 3:6. To give a ratio as a fraction, keep the same numerals in the same order, but separate them with a fraction sign. For that example, the fractional notation is 3/6.

  3. Simplify the ratio

    Often, the ratio is also asked for in its simplest form. To do so, reduce the fraction. For example, 3/6 reduces to 1/2. These numbers can also be applied to the other notations, so you now have the ratio of men to women as "one to two" or 1:2.