How Do You Find the Range?

To find the range in a set of numbers, you find the difference between the highest and the lowest numbers in the set. To do this, find the difference between these two numbers in the set.

  1. Find the highest and the lowest

    In a given set of numbers, look for the highest and the lowest numbers. These will be the numbers that determine the range of a set. For instance, a set of 1,3,4,4,7 has a highest of 7, and a lowest of 1.

  2. Calculate the difference

    Once the highest and lowest numbers are determined, the highest is subtracted by the lowest. Using the numbers from the previous step, 7 minus 1 would equal 6. This result, known as the difference, is the range of the set of numbers. The equation looks like this: 7 - 1 = 6 The range of the previous set is 6.

  3. Determining range with negative numbers

    When calculating the range for a set that has negative numbers, one has to keep track of the mechanics of negative numbers. Subtraction of a negative number from a positive number adds to the positive. For example, in a set of -3,1,-6,10, the highest is 10, and the lowest is -6. So the equation looks like this: 10 - (-6) = 10 + 6 = 16 The range in this set is 16.