What Is the Purple Math Solver?

The Purplemath solver is a website that offers lessons on ways to solve many forms of algebraic problems. It provides detailed steps on how to solve quadratic, linear and rational equations, among others.

Some examples offered at the site include 2/3 = x/3, where x = 2, because the denominators are equal. Steps for (x-1)/15 = 2/5 are: The expression is converted to a common denominator of 15, such that (x-1)15 = (2/5) x (3/3); (x-1)/15 = 6/15. Comparing the numerators, x-1 = 6, so x = 7.

Quadratic equations of the form (a - b) (a + B) are solved through taking the square root, the quadratic formula and completing the square.