What Are Some Free Programs for Solving Algebra Problems?


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The Free Universal Algebra Equation Solver program helps users solve algebra equations based on a variety of input formulas. Users can also visit MathWay.com and CYMath.com to use algebra-solving software through the online medium.

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The Free Universal Algebra Equation Solver is designed to explain algebraic equations in addition to solving them, helping users learn why they reached the correct answer. Users can input equations based on rational, irrational, exponential and logarithmic algebra problems. Users can also set up absolute value systems and define parameters, and the system is designed to cover all types of Algebra classes, including up to college algebra. Users can also supplement their learning by the written and verbal commentaries available with the software, though users need an Internet connection for the software to work.

Both the Math Way and CY Math websites work in a similar way. Users input their desired equation after they select the algebra section of the website, and they receive their answer based on the unique parameters of the equation. Both websites feature a Help section that helps users learn more about how to use the websites correctly, and CY Math provides users with a step-by-step solution screen that teaches users how to reach the correct answer.

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