How Do You Find a Printable List of Roman Numerals?


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Mathatube.com has a printable list of Roman numerals from one to 99. Romannumeral.net's list of Roman numerals from one to 1,000 can be downloaded from a PDF document or in an Excel format.

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How Do You Find a Printable List of Roman Numerals?
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Roman numerals arose out of the need to have a common counting system throughout the Roman empire. The system utilizes seven basic symbols that represent various numeric values. M is the largest number, equal to 1,000. D is 500, C converts to 100 and L is 50. V means five, X is units of 10 and I is one unit.

When the symbols are utilized together to designate numbers, they are situated from left to right in decreasing order. The symbols are then either added or subtracted to arrive at the final number. One basic rule of Roman numerals is that one must use the largest symbol possible at each stage; for example, 25 is expressed as XXV, not XXIIIII. Another rule of Roman numerals is if a smaller symbol is placed to the left of a larger one, then the smaller value is subtracted from the larger value. Thus, IV signifies the number 4 and IX is nine.

A common use of Roman numerals is the designation of the Super Bowl. The National Football League began using Roman numerals to express the number of Super Bowl championships in 1971 for the fifth event. The NFL decided to use this numbering system, rather than the year the football contest was played, to lessen the confusion around the fact that the Super Bowl is played in a different calendar year than the regular season.

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