What Are Some Pre-K Activities for Learning Numbers?


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Pre-K activities for learning numbers include teaching the child to count his fingers, toes or toys. The child is learning the difference between big and little objects, so comparison games are good. By age 4, children can use a rope to measure items around the house and are able to do simple verbal addition.

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By age 4, most children are able to identify one, two, three or four items. At the beginning of their fourth year, some are still learning to count to 10 or beyond, and they sometimes mix up their numbers.

In geometry, the pre-K student is learning the names of geometric shapes including circles, squares and triangles. Activities requiring the matching of common shapes are appropriate at this age level. A 48 month-old child sometimes draws using a single shape without combining other shapes to complete the picture. As he grows toward the end of his fourth year, he is more likely to combine shapes in his drawing.

During the year, a 4-year-old begins to develop a sense of time and an understanding of before and after. They may recognize that a favorite television show starts at 3:00 but still struggle to tell time using a clock. The child also begins to develop a sense of sequencing, such as putting the plug in the drain, turning on the water, taking a bath and then pulling the plug to empty the tub.

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