What Is "Pre-Algebra With Pizzazz?"

pre-algebra-pizzazz Credit: Blend Images - Rob Lewine/Brand X Pictures/Getty Images

The math learning series "Pre-Algebra with Pizzazz" uses jokes, riddles and limericks to introduce pre-algebra skills and practice to students in grades seven through 10, according to McGraw-Hill Education. Reproducible activity pages are organized by topic and contain self-checking solutions for easy use. This series was originally produced in 1978 by Steve and Janis Marcy.

The idea behind "Pre-Algebra with Pizzazz" is to elucidate math concepts using fun and interesting facets of arithmetic. The book series takes into account everyday uses for algebra and makes them relevant to students. Distances, volumes of objects and building calculations are just part of what children learn.

Steve and Janis Marcy, the designers of "Pre-Algebra with Pizzazz," are both educators by trade. Steve Marcy earned a Ph.D. in educational psychology from UCLA in 1976. Janis Marcy began teaching math in elementary school before moving up to the high school level throughout the 1970s. The couple's first published book was "Mathimagination" in 1973, followed by a three books in the "Pizzazz" series from the late 1970s to the early 1980s. "Punchline Problem Solving" came next in 1996 as a companion to the "Pizzazz" books. The books are designed to be companions to regular math curricula in schools. The math publications were recently turned into interactive DVDs.