How Do You Get Pre-Algebra Help?


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Pre-algebra help can be found on the Internet. Algebra.com, Khan Academy and Mathway.com all offer algebra help on their respective websites. Additionally, educational companies, such as Kumon and Sylvan Learning Centers, have facilities in many cities around the country that offer private and group tutoring sessions in a variety of subjects, including pre-algebra.

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Algebra.com separates its math problems by grade level. The website offers lessons, free tutors, answer keys and a large selection of practice algebra and pre-algebra problems for 1st grade through 8th grade.

Khan Academy is a popular online learning center offering lessons on a huge variety of subjects. Its Math Foundations section has many pre-algebra topics, including negative numbers, absolute value, factoring and radicals. Site users can register for a free account and take a simple test to assess the specific skills that need to be reinforced. Then, as new skills are developed, the difficulty levels of the problems are increased.

Mathway.com offers a pre-algebra problem solver on its website. Users can enter a specific problem to work on and then select what particular calculation the solver should perform from a dropdown list of options. There's also a help button that allows the user to see full examples of how to solve a problem step by step.

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