How do you practice second-grade math regrouping?


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Printable worksheets, online games and online practice exercises are some effective ways for second graders to practice regrouping. Hands-on activities, such as regrouping with counters or base-ten blocks, pretend shopping and recording sports scores also provide students with engaging opportunities to sharpen their regrouping skills.

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Free printable worksheets are available from several organizations, including HomeSchoolMath.net and SoftSchools.com. Both websites publish a variety of second-grade worksheets with addition and subtraction problems that require regrouping. SoftSchools.com also offers online games that help students practice addition and subtraction with regrouping. IXL.com has an extensive selection of online practice quizzes for second graders, including addition and subtraction problems with regrouping.

Manipulative aids, such as counters and base-10 blocks, help students visualize the concept of regrouping. Second graders can use these tools with worksheets for independent practice or in small groups to extend their knowledge. Pretend shopping gives students an opportunity to make real-world connections to concepts such as money, while also allowing them to practice adding and subtracting with regrouping. Football and basketball game scores provide young sports fans with an engaging way to practice adding and subtracting. Students can calculate the difference in scores or find the total number of points, depending on their skill levels, but not all game scores involve regrouping.

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