How Do You Practice for a 6th Grade Math Test?


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The most important techniques for practicing for mathematics in 6th grade are studying material continuously, not just on the last day before the exam, according to Paul's Online Math Notes. Also, reworking homework problems and taking practice exams helps. Additionally, students should be well rested before taking exams.

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How Do You Practice for a 6th Grade Math Test?
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Math is different from other subjects such as history or biology, because it requires active practice to demonstrate understanding instead of memorization, indicates Study Skills Online. Proficiency in math requires the ability to understand a problem, recognize its structure and implications, identify the correct tool to solve it, apply that tool, and then evaluate the answer achieved.

Time 4 Learning states that for sixth graders, this means the student must discipline him or herself to train the pattern recognition skills required to solve a problem. Problems should be worked on a regular basis, and they should be reworked until the correct solution is achieved. Work should always be evaluated, ideally by the student herself. A list of relevant concepts should be developed by the student, and then kept at hand for quick reference when working problems.

As time passes, the student acquires a reflexive memory without having to practice memorization techniques to acquire concepts such as formulas. Once a set of working skills has been obtained, the student must maintain them by continuing to practice learned skills, rather than abandoning them once an assignment, quiz or exam has passed.

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