What Is a Point in Geometry?

A point in geometry is the exact position or location on a plane surface, according to Math Open Reference. Points are typically displayed as dots, and they are given upper case letters for a name to make them easy to identify.

Points are typically identified on a plane by a single dot with a capital letter. A point is a thing, but it is not considered a place in math. There are no dimensions for a point, which means that it has no width or height.

Points that fall along the same plane are called coplanar points. If the points fall along a straight line, they are then called collinear.

Another type of mathematics exists called coordinate geometry. With this kind of match, points are located on a plane by using their coordinates directly. The coordinates are two numbers that identify where a point is based on two axes that are right angles to each other.

The coordinates a person uses to identify a point is called an ordered pair. They are written like this: P (12, 25). This example identifies a location on the X and Y axis. The X stands for the horizontal axis, while Y stands for the vertical axis.