How Does a Person Convert a High School GPA of 85.492 to a 4.0 Scale?


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To convert an 85.492 grade point average, or GPA, to a 4.0 scale, locate 85 percent on a standard conversion chart used by most colleges. An 85.492 GPA translates to 3.0, which translates to a letter grade of B.

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The 4.0 scale ranges from a low of 0.0 to a high of 4.0, with 0.0 being a letter grade of F, or 65 percentage points or less, and 4.0 being 93 percentage points or higher, or a letter grade of A.

Some colleges require a specific minimum GPA for admittance or for scholarship opportunities, and that information can be found by checking with each individual college or the financial aid department at the chosen college.

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