How to Find the Perimeter of Shapes?

To find the perimeter of any shape, the outside edges of the shape should be added together. The perimeter is defined as the distance that is around the outside of a two dimensional shape.

There are certain formulas that can make finding the perimeter of different shapes easier and more efficient. To find the perimeter of a triangle, all three sides should be added together. To find the perimeter of a square, the length of one side can be multiplied by 4. To find the perimeter of a rectangle, the length and width can be added together and multiplied by 2. Since a quadrilateral does not have sides that are equal to each other, each of the sides should be added together individually.

The perimeter of a circle is called the circumference. The radius of a circle is half of a line through the middle of the circle. To find the circumference, the radius should be multiplied by pi and then multiplied by 2. A sector is a section of a circle that is defined by degrees in radians. To find the perimeter of a sector, the angle of the sector should be added to 2 and should be multiplied by the radius of the circle.