What Is the Perimeter of a Kite?


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The perimeter of a kite is the total distance around the outside of its shape, which means the length of all four of its sides added together. Since a kite has two pairs of matching sides, the standard formula is that the perimeter equals "2a" plus "2b."

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In a kite with a side "a" equal to 8 inches and a side "b" equal to 16 inches, the formula yields "2 times 8" plus "2 times 16." After the initial multiplication, the formula yields that the perimeter equals 16 plus 32. Thus, the perimeter of this kite is 48 inches. Alternatively, it's possible to add "a" plus "a" plus "b" plus "b," such as "8 plus 8" plus "16 plus 16."

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