How Do You Find the Percentage of Two Numbers?


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To find the percentage of two numbers, you must first determine which number needs to be divided by the other. Next, divide the two numbers together. Finally, multiply by 100 to convert the answer into a percentage. You may need a calculator to complete these steps.

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  1. Determine which number to divide by

    The first step is determining which number should by divided by the other. Typically, the smaller number is divided by the larger number. For example, if you are trying to find the percentage of 135 out of 180, 135 would be divided by 180. If, however, you are trying to find what percentage 200 is out of 125, you would divide the larger number by the smaller number.

  2. Divide the two numbers together

    Dividing 135 by 180 equals 0.75: 135 / 180 = 0.75 Dividing 200 by 125 equals 1.6: 200 / 125 = 1.6 This answer is the percentage in decimal form.

  3. Multiply by 100

    Finally, multiply the number by 100 to convert the answer into percentage form. Using the example 135 out of 180, multiply 0.75 by 100: 0.75 x 100 = 75 percent. This means that 135 is 75 percent of 180. For the second example, multiply 1.6 by 100: 1.6 x 100 = 160 percent. Therefore, 200 is 160 percent of 125.

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